Best Organic Ways of Driving Traffic To A Brand Site In 2022

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Bringing traffic to your brand site is the priority for every blogger. You can bring traffic from different sources. Some are organic sources, and some are paid. In this post, we will talk about some organic ways of driving traffic to a brand site. Bringing traffic doesn’t mean that you want your traffic to be organic or paid; there’s a difference between organic and paid unless it stays for a long time.

Now let’s discuss where does the traffic come from? If you are building a website, you need to tell people about your website, and for that, you need to do SEO for that particular website. Starting it could be time-consuming, but if the website is old, you don’t need that many efforts because your website already has good traffic. Here one thing is essential to keep that good traffic that the niche should be good, and the content you are posting must be valuable.


As you know, a website’s traffic can be measured with search engine optimization tools, which will help them understand the basic rules everyone needs to adapt to increase the traffic for the given website. You can use some of these methods to increase your website traffic organically.

Use long-tail keywords for your website

The shorter the keyword, it can be effortless to rank, but the lower the conversion. Whatever we are posting on our website, Our ultimate goal will be conversions. Look at the graphics below.

long-tail-keywords (organic ways of driving traffic to a brand site)
Source – Semrush

Long-tail keywords usually show lower search volume, lower competition, and more economical CPCs than keyword searches. The greater conversion probability is since a very long-tail keyword is normally more specific and easier to comprehend why somebody is hunting it, rather than guessing the numerous reasons behind a question using top monthly search volume.

Because of this, it’s much easier to target a lengthy tail keyword correctly with a promotion landing page. From a search engine optimization perspective, targeting longer, more specific search phrases makes it a lot easier to create a site’s authority to finally rank for larger keywords that transmit more search quantity and possible traffic.

Many tools will help you to find the best long trail keywords like Semrush.

Consistency is the key

If we post regularly, we will attract more and more visitors to our website, which will increase our revenue. That visitor will be converted into such leads, which will help us generate more and more traffic.

Sometimes it also depends upon how many times we are posting in a week. Normally a person posts once a week, but bloggers post it regularly just because they want more and more traffic and people to see them and want to get followers more and more.

Optimize your old content.

As we optimize our old content, our website will attract more and more traffic, which will be beneficial for our new content also that they will also get noticed and increase our website’s traffic.

Like food, electronics, and gadgets, every industry will develop a new taste or preference in the industry, our website. As we see, this is a very dynamic environment. People’s preferences are changing, so it’s better to use something to engage people with their new preferences. This will help to increase the traffic to your website.

From an individual’s standpoint, backlinks provide folks with a means to discover different advice sources on the same or related subjects. By way of instance, if the user is visiting a webpage concerning the” best smartphones,” he may come across links from other carriers, mobile phone suppliers, or user-generated inspection webpages. Links produce a good consumer experience since they move the consumer directly to also desirable information if necessary.

For Search Engines, backlinks help determine the page’s significance and worth (i.e., authority). Historically, the number of backlinks was a sign of a page’s popularity. Nowadays, because of how backlinks are appraised based on various industry-related rank elements, it’s less focused and more about the quality of websites where the links are coming. Alternatively, many backlinks from several undependable domain names can interfere with your own domain name’s authoritative signs.

The creation of backlinks is straightforward. You just need to follow the website DA and PA, and then you need to start building the backlink for your website. This SEO expert can create the term used in the SEO (search engine optimization). Higher the relevant backlinks will help increase your site authority and drive traffic organically to your brand site.

One of the ORGANIC WAYs OF DRIVING TRAFFIC TO A BRAND SITE is – Start your email marketing

Regardless of the increase of social networking and unsolicited spam mail, email stays the best method to cultivate leads and turn them into clients. Email marketing has existed forever, and for a good reason. It is the most direct and powerful method of linking with your prospects, nurturing them, and turning them into clients, always winning over the rest of the advertising channels.

If you do it right with the right tools, it can be one of the best organic ways of driving traffic to a brand site. A good lead magnet can help to increase your email subscribers. Convert Pro is the best tool out there.

As soon as we get the email id, you can use that email by providing them content that you are posting, adding or creating offers, etc., everything related to the website. This will create a good image of you in the people’s eye, and maybe we will convert that lead into our customers.

Do try to add testimonials

Collect testimonials from your existing clients can be perfectly organic ways of driving traffic to a brand site. People love reading the testimonials and the product reviews which they want to get from your website.

Let us discuss this with the help of an example of selling mobiles or any electronic items. I would suggest you show a video of that particular product’s unboxing and share existing customers’ reviews. People just love unwrapping the product, and showing that video with reviews will attract more and more people to visit your website to see what you have posted if they found it helpful, they will follow you and see your stuff regularly.

There is a difference between virtual marketing and photo showcasing as we can see how the product will look after being purchased.

Socialize on other social media channels.

Socializing is a vital element in optimizing the content. As you will share more, the more views you will get and the people who are watching will also help them make a better decision. It is important to use the content they actually want to see, and it will be helpful for them.

One of the organic ways of driving traffic through socialization is to Comment on blogs and post your reviews or contents to the relevant blogs. You will get high traffic, and the people who will come to your blogs will like and share it. Some websites will allow you to post on them, some guest posting websites are paid, and some are for free, so as we are using the organic way, it will help you get more traffic.

Start being partner with other content creators

Being a website creator, you have to follow several other competitors to see what they are up to, and in this competitive world, we will have to face many ups and downs, so it is better to give a tough competition to them.

We have to hire some digital influencers to promote and brand our website to bring more traffic to our website. It will also build our branding, and it is good for a new startup’s brand buildup is a must.

As we discussed some of the points which will help us in getting the traffic to our website now, you need a platform to implement it on some website so that you can see whether it worked or not by implying it on step by step we will be able to achieve it very soon. Still, every possible stuff needs time to get it done.

I have tried on some websites, but if you are just curious about the result that it will come so early, you are totally wrong. It will take approx 60 working days to bring traffic to your website. It is not always easy to increase the traffic to your website as we work on the DA and PA of a specific website; it takes time to improve it.

Now let us discuss it with the help of an example that you made a website of photography and wants to increase that particular website’s traffic. Then you will do promotion and search engine optimization for that particular website, and then it will increase the traffic by keeping some points in mind you can increase the traffic for your website.

  1. Follow your competitors and watch what they are doing on social media. It affects a lot to your website and growth.
  2. Build up content regularly daily.
  3. Post virtual content as the trend is shifting to vlogging, and we also want to shift to that to increase the traffic.
  4. Use good quality images, themes, templates that will make look your website awesome.

If you think you can build a high ROI with the paid traffic, then you are wrong. Paid traffic stays for a specific period of time. After that, it goes, and the investment was gone. The only thing that stays is organic; it’s hard to start, but slowly it becomes easy and more confident about it.


In this article, I have shared some best organic way of driving traffic to a brand site. Everyone can increase traffic to their website. It’s just that you need an experienced person for it who can expertly optimize your website to help you rank your website high on Google.

A good agency or a freelancer can help you with it having a good SEO experience; sometimes, it also depends on your keywords to enhance your ranking on the website.

If you are stuck somewhere or need help with how to make money blogging, feel free to contact meI would love to help you.

Happy blogging!

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