How to choose a perfect domain name in 2023?

How to choose a perfect domain name in 2023?

Have you been thinking about promoting your business online? Or maybe building a business or blog website? It doesn’t matter what kind of website you need. As a first step, you will need to register a domain name. In this guide, I will share how to choose a perfect domain name for your brand or website?

A domain name is like a virtual address of your business. Without a domain name, your website address will look exactly as some random numbers separated by dots which is not easy to remember. If you don’t have a domain name, people will find it hard to reach your website. Moreover, a domain name is also the online identity of your business, blog, or eCommerce store. Some examples of a perfect domain name are,,, and

It can be an intimidating task to find the perfect domain name for your brand. To avoid that some people even register a domain name before getting their businesses registered. They avoid frustration which they will experience by trying to find the same domain name as their business name.

But why so?

The biggest reason is that most of the generic domain names are already registered. It leaves us with no choice other than registering a domain name before registering our businesses. However, it doesn’t really help. While it may solve the problem of finding the same domain name as our business name there so many other important factors that aren’t even touched by most of us.

It’s easy to fall into the presumption that getting a domain name for your business is simply a requirement for setting up a website and nothing more. Well, in fact, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Why the domain name should be chosen wisely?

There’s nothing wrong with using a domain name same as your business name or a domain that you own to simply host a website. Back before the days of web 2.0 that would have set you up nicely amongst your competitors and let people know that your brand means business.

As the years have moved on, the potential uses for domain names have grown massively.

It just doesn’t make sense to simply have anymore. There’s a lot more out there.

  • A domain name provides brand identity to your business
  • It affects SEO factors
  • Standout in the crowd
  • It makes your online business mobile
  • A domain name helps you attract walk-in leads
  • It reflects your innovation and creativity

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Understand the domain name structure

Let’s understand with an example. If you go to my homepage, you will see in the browser address bar. If we break it into components here is what we get:

  1. https – prefix (internet security protocol)
  2. www – subdomain (third-level domain. In some case it can be an app, blog, cloud, dashboard, etc.)
  3. bloggingind – name (second-level domain, chosen by the website owner)
  4. com – (top-level domain or extension)

How to choose a perfect domain name?

Choosing the right domains, yes plural, we’ll get to that in a minute can lead to increased brand awareness. From emails to links to social channels, in both online and offline advertising. How do you choose the right domain name? That’s precisely what I’m going to share with you today. Tips you should consider while choosing the domain for your brand:

Easy to Type

An easy-to-type domain name is what you should consider before thinking about any other characteristics. If people can’t type it easily chances are that you are going to lose leads.

Multiple Domains

Registering more than one domain name is an added advantage for your business. Now when I say, “more than one,” I don’t mean you should go and register and only.

There are a lot more TLDs, or top-level domains, available these days. Now these can range from .click, .link, .social, .io, websites to the more niche options such as .pizza, .accountant and .beer.

So obviously, when it comes to deciding a domain name, you really need to focus on having more than one to increase your options.

Perks with registering multiple domains:

  • Drive more and more traffic (SEO factor)
  • You can easily promote different services
  • Reach multiple different target markets

Protecting your brand

Now you have a collection of TLDs available at your disposal-Well done!

But maybe you might not feel the need to use them right away. There’s still one very important reason to obtain them, brand protection. See, while the wide selection of top-level domains is great for variety, it also means that competitors can register domain names that are similar to yours. What this means is that they could potentially draw customers away from you and towards them.

I mean, for example, the last thing you want is one of your competitors to register your brand sucks: That’s just rude!!!!

Remember, every creative domain name that you snap up is one that your competitors can’t.

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No Difficult words

Difficult words? Do you still remember the school days? The difficult words are not remembered by the whole class, maybe toppers can easily read and write it. But not the whole class can do it. It’s been tough to remember all the difficult words.

Similarly, don’t choose a difficult word for your perfect domain name.

You can check some famous domain names like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, CNN…

What’s similar in all of them? Easy to pronounce, and recall. Your visitors should be able to type your domain name without any difficulty. If you are spending time by telling the domain name again and again it’s time to change it.

Else, your visitors will get the wrong domain name and then they will land up on the wrong site. This means you can lose a visitor just because of your difficult domain name.

Most importantly, get memorable domain names for custom short links. If you’re still using generic URL shorteners to share links online. They probably look something like this:

Not appealing right? And, not very memorable either.

Well instead, start choosing the perfect domain names for your links. You know, domains that really stand out. You can create custom short URLs that feature your brand name on them.

Unlike the generic short URLs, these links incorporate a brand’s name, associating you with the content that you’re sharing.

This, in turn, reinforces brand awareness and strengthens brand recognition.

Easy to Pronounce

A perfect domain name should be easily pronounced so that if someone is sharing your link, he/she can easily share and recall as well.

Fingertip to tongue tip domain name. You can test this the same way as with the “spelling”. Write your domain name on a piece of paper and ask some of your friends and family members to pronounce it. If more than a few people struggle to pronounce it, something wrong with the name, just change it then.

Consider these points while getting any perfect domain name

  • Easy to spell and
  • Easy to pronounce.

No Doublets

It’s not a good idea to have doubled letters in your domain name, because it increases your chances of losing traffic to typos. So, never do that mistake to type the double alphabets in your domain name. Let’s take an example, a domain like will be more prone to typos and result in lost traffic. Avoiding doubled letters will also make your domain easy to type and more brandable.

No Hyphens & No Numbers

Hyphens and numbers can make your domain name perform downwards. Just Imagine explaining twitter if it had a hyphen in there. Then how it will look like: Twit-ter? There’s a hyphen in there by the way, between the ‘Twit’ and the ‘ter.’”

Twitter might not have spread so quickly if that was the case.

The bottom line? Your domain name should be smooth and punchy – hyphens and numbers get in the way of that.

Stick to the letters only!

Multipurpose type keywords or Niche Keywords

If your website is about IT services, it, means it serves all services from development, designing, digital marketing to more. Then you can choose a domain name that reflects all services in one name. But if your website is mainly about web development or helping people to create a website only choose a domain name that reflects it – “website”. then choose the keywords accordingly, websitecreaters, websitesetup, getwebsite, or more. These are just examples and these domain names might not be available to register.

We all know keywords are a great source for target users and SEO factors. But you must choose them carefully. Don’t overstuff keywords into your domain, it should come across naturally.

If you want to choose the keywords, just put the keywords at the beginning of your domain. That’s where they’ll be the most powerful for your ranking.

You can find keywords with tools like SEMrush.

Future planning

Make your domain name your spouse? Maybe quite funny, but you must because it will be one of the biggest elements that define your business and brand for years.

Don’t think that you will change the domain name in the future and as in starting this is just for the short term because it will cost you money, branding, and SEO rankings. In short – it’s a long-term pain!

If you’re planning to choose a perfect domain name, then always think long term over the short term.

For example, if you have an event management company then you could choose a domain name like, “”

If you think there’s a chance you might expand to more general event services in the future, like wedding planning, corporate planning, etc. then it might be wise to reconsider your domain name otherwise you don’t need it.

You don’t want to pin yourself down to a certain niche if you think you might expand out of that niche.

Therefore, keep your long-term vision in mind when picking your perfect domain name.

Quick Response

Tons of domain names are registered every day from all parts of the world. If you have found a domain name that you think will work for you, then don’t wait too long.

Find your domain name today

Domain name registration is like event management. You need to act timely to get the desired results. Thousands of people are actively looking for good brandable domain names that they can register for better rates in the future.

If you don’t hit fast, then someone may go ahead and register your domain name idea.

Since domain names are relatively cheap, we always recommend our readers to act fast. If you change your mind later, then you can simply let it expire.

Final Thoughts – Perfect Domain name

Overall, I think we can agree that having custom domain names for your business is essential. Putting that little bit of extra time and effort into it really does make a difference.

That’s all. I hope this article helped you understand how to choose a perfect domain name for your business. Were you able to find one for your business or blog? Let me know in the comments.

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